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Frequently asked questions

How does purchasing a property from your site work?

Simple! Get in touch if you have questions about the property. To begin the buying process, click on our “Reserve Now” button to put down your reservation fee, which will make the right to buy the property exclusively yours for 48 hours. In that time, we’ll ask you some questions to place into your sale agreement, which we’ll email for you to sign electronically. An attorney or title company will facilitate the transaction to get you the deed from there. Safe, simple, and secure.

Are you real estate agents?

No – we’re not agents or brokers. We simply buy, hold, and sell land as private investors, so because you’re buying direct, you’ll save some money in the process.

Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

Absolutely! If we don’t have it, we have a network of professionals all over the country with off-market (not on the MLS) properties and land available for sale, and also at great discounted prices. Get in touch and we can help.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

We make it pretty simple and pride ourselves in being transparent with our clients. Hidden costs never feel good. We’ll always send a full breakdown of costs when you buy from us, so you’ll never be surprised.

Why are your properties so cheap?

We buy, hold, and sell land — it’s what we’re best at. We know how to find a great deal when we purchase and we can pass that savings on to you. Because you’re buying direct from us, you’re also saving money on fees that would normally go toward marketing the property, closing, and paying agents or brokers.

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

We take security very seriously! First, we’re an American-based company and incorporated in North Carolina. When you make a cash purchase with us, we use only attorneys and title companies to ensure that the transaction will be documented and recorded correctly the first time. This includes the security of escrow service, which means that a secure third party manages the transaction to transfer your funds only after your purchase is successfully complete and you have deed in hand.

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